About  MBADrinks.com

MBADrinks is a social business networking group that hold events which are casual and allow for moments of serendipity. The group is open to the global MBA community, both students and alumni.  Our mission is to hold social events and mixers, foster the exchange of ideas, build relationships, and strengthen the MBA brand.

MBADrinks is delighted to work with the MBA Alliance together to create events that are attractive and valuable to both students and alumni alike. Business schools are at an exciting juncture and we are collaborating to continue to build on the strong momentum that exists in the social business networking space.

Our History:

MBADrinks was founded in 2011 by Schulich School of Business alumni Mikael Thakur in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Since then the group has expanded internationally and has grown dramatically from 300 people to now well over 4,500 and it is now one of the largest gathering of business professionals in the world. This naturally evolving social phenomenon demonstrates the thirst for connection, knowledge, and opportunity that exists across the MBADrinks network.

Want to get more involved with MBADrinks?

We’re looking for volunteers to help us co-host and co-organize events. Activities include: scouting locations for events, coordinating event details, greeting attendees at events, etc. It’s a fun easy way to get involved and meet other people in the MBA space. Email us at mbadrinks@gmail.com